Support our church ministry or make a payment for an upcoming event by clicking on GIVE ONLINE above or below. 

OTHER ways to give

Via App

Go to your app store (Apple or Android) and install the app " Mobile Giving." This app makes giving very easy on your phone or tablet. Select Christ Community Church of San Diego and sign in. 

Through Your Bank

Set up Christ Community Church as a payee when paying your bills online through your bank. Each month when paying your other bills, click on CCC and your bank will send your tithe check directly to the church. 


During the service we pass offering baskets where you can place your tithes and offerings. 

In The Gray Offering Boxes

Near the front and back entrances of the sanctuary. Drop it off as you arrive or depart the church. There are even envelopes with the boxes to help secure and identify your donations. 

By Mail

Mail your donations directly to the church using the address at the bottom of the page. The donations will be added to the weekly offering for you. 

Through Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is an amazing way to give to the church while making every day purchases on Amazon. Whenever you sign on to buy something on Amazon, use the website and it will automatically give a percentage of every purchase back to the church. The first time you use it, you will be asked who you want to donate to. Choose Christ Community Church of San Diego. You may also click the Amazon Smile logo below.