We want everyone to know we have worked very diligently to prepare our church facility for your visit for our times of worship. We have followed the recommendations of the CDC, the State of California and the County of San Diego in our preparations. We want to assure you we have taken many precautions to create a safe environment. Of course, we cannot guarantee you will not contract the Covid-19 virus. Here are some of the changes/policies/steps we have taken:

  • The church facility remained closed from March 27-May 30, 2020.
  • The church took our services online for all three weekend services, Saturday at 6 pm, Sunday at 8:45 & 10:30 am. 
  • Church staff worked from home from March 27 through May 15, 2020. 
  • Temperature checks are done on all staff as well as everyone attending any services. Signs were erected asking anyone who has any illness symptoms of any kind to return home. 
  • We have reopened the church in stages: May 31-our first In-Person service at 10:30 am. June 3-we began hosting a 4:30 pm service with limited capacity (15) for people who are in the "at risk" category for catching the virus. June 3-we hosted our second weekly service at 6:30 pm. June 21-we added a second Sunday service at 8:45 am. All services have reduced capacity as advised by the county of San Diego. Everyone must RSVP for services to reserve a seat, which gives leadership the ability to limit the number of people at each service. Seats are assigned prior to arrival. Two seats are kept empty between each household. Masks are required for everyone, as are temperature checks, and hand sanitizing, unless the person is allergic to the sanitizer and unless the person has breathing issues and cannot medically wear a mask. (People who have those allergies are immediately directed to the restroom to wash their hands.) 
  • CCC's sanctuary removed a large percentage of the seats and socially distanced all rows so every row is at least 6' apart. 
  • Extra seating is available for any visitors who just show up without a reservation. 
  • The pulpit and worship team members were pushed back so they are minimally 8' from the front row of attendees. 
  • Singing during services has been dramatically reduced by more than half the pre-Covid-19 amount. 
  • Dominant signs were placed on all doors remind sick people not to enter. 
  • Banners were placed at entry doors emphasizing social distancing. 
  • Touchless hand sanitizer stations were purchased for the two main entrances. 
  • Teams of greeters were strategically located at the doors to check temperatures, hand out seating assignments, check masks and remind everyone to use hand sanitizer. Extra masks are available for anyone that does not bring one from home. 
  • Security and staff monitor social distancing and masks before services and after services to be sure everyone is honoring the system and each other. 
  • Hospitality stations (coffee, water, snacks, condiments) have been removed and everyone is encouraged to bring their own refreshments as desired. Chairs have been removed from the lobby and hospitality area to prevent congregating. 
  • Communion elements are prepackaged, handled by only one person with gloves on, and distributed at the door as people arrive on Communion Sundays. No one needs to leave their seats during Communion.
  • Attendees are dismissed by row at the conclusion of the service to be sure no mingling/congregating is taking place. As people are dismissed they are reminded to head directly to their cars and to observe social distancing. 
  • Two front doors are kept open and two back doors are kept open from the time people start arriving until the last person is gone to encourage air flow and to prevent people from having to touch the doors. 
  • Cleaning teams wipe down every touched service between services on Sunday mornings. Janitorial staff sanitize the entire facility on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays with extra emphasis on areas of high "touch." 
  • The KidZONE Nursery (birth-PreK) reopened on June 21 with a reduced capacity of 3 children to two adults for each Sunday service. Parents are asked to reserve a spot for their kids and to continue at the same service each week (not switch back and forth) so their children are in the room with the same children each week. 
  • The KidZONE Elementary (K-5) reopens on July 12 with a reduced capacity of 6 children for each Sunday service. 
  • KidZONE children are required to wear masks. they will follow a new curriculum format so the children can maintain social distances of at least 6' from one another, unless they are from the same household. Children will be reminded throughout their time in the KidZONE to wash their hands/use hand sanitizer and to keep their masks on. Parents are asked to reserve a sport for kids and to continue at the same service each week (not switch back and forth) so their children are in the room with the same children each week. 
  • Three "live streaming" services continue online each week, accessible through the church's website. 
  • Church staff and volunteers who share offices have had their schedules revised to ensure they can work independently and social distanced from others. 
  • Extensive and continual prayer. 
  • We have reopened Sunday morning services at 8:45 & 10:30 am with extreme social distancing and masks are required. Attendance is limited. Preference given to people who are at-risk for Covid-19. 
  • We are offering an outdoor service on Sunday evenings at 7 pm in the Alley behind the church. Bring your own chair and Bible. Social distancing, masks, etc. apply. 

If you have any questions about our reopening preparation and maintenance, please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Darrell ( or 858-549-2479)