Helping Hands/Deacons

Eleanor Siegrist | Area Leader

The Helping Hands ministry provides comfort and support to the hurting members of our

congregation, as well as those in need. This comfort and support presents itself in a variety of

different ways including, but not limited to, sending cards and notes to acknowledge birthdays

and anniversaries or to let people know they are not alone and we are praying for them during

difficult times; delivering meals to someone recovering from an illness or hospital stay or

person grieving the loss of a loved one; helping the elderly with errands, tasks around the

house; or minor handyman type work.

Our mission is to show the people of our congregation and community the love of Jesus by

being there to support them in practical ways through good times and bad.

If you have a heart for hurting people and a desire to serve or if you or someone you know can use some tangible help, please contact Dan or Eleanor.