Aimee Tangog | Next Generation Pastor

Our Values

Biblically Grounded Teaching

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Safety

Child Targeted

Loving/Nurturing/Fun Environment

Partnering with Parents

Our Purpose

To supplement parents by teaching children about God through the Bible and by providing a  safe loving environment for your children to learn about Him and His Son Jesus Christ. 


Our desire is for your children to be encouraged, well cared for, well taught and loved by all KidZONE staff and volunteers.

Nursery (Birth - Age 4)

Our nursery is located just off the main church lobby and is open and ready for your little angels. Your child’s time in the KidZONE Nursery is divided into various parts, depending upon age mix of the children present:

∙ Play Time—a time for our kids to play at the various activity tables which are rotated weekly.

∙ Story Time— a time for our kids to sit around their teacher and hear a story from the Bible or see a video story about a particular Bible story or topic.

∙ Snack Time—a time to snack

∙ Coloring Time—a time to wait for mommy and daddy and to color a picture that is related to the story they heard today.

∙ Clean Up Times—a time for kids to help clean up the room, putting away whatever activity they just completed.

Please be sure to sign your child in when you arrive in the classroom and have a name badge put on them for easy identification purposes. Additionally, you will be provided with a numbered bracelet which you will need when you pick your child up. This ensures that children are only released to their own parents. You will also be asked to sign the sheet when you pick up your child as well.

Allergies/Special Needs

Please notify our preschool staff of any allergies that your child may have. Also, please let us know of any special needs or special requirements you have for your child. We will do our best to serve your child according to your requests.


Children ages 18 months through three (3) years old are served snacks and juice boxes each week provided by the ministry. Snacks are simple and include animal cracks, fish crackers, or graham crackers.

Primary (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade) & Elementary (Grade 3 - 5)

We offer a full children’s ministry at our services. Children spend their time learning about the Bible, praying, doing crafts, coloring, playing lesson related games, etc. Each week the lesson is part of a larger overall monthly series from the Orange Curriculum designed for the specific age of children. All children hang out in the KidZONE Room for a time of games, fellowship, and large group teaching and worship. 

Check In

Parents of all children must sign in their children. Ages 7 and under will be issued a numbered bracelet when they drop their children off in the KidZONE. These bracelets will be used by parents when they pick up their children to ensure that children are only released to the appropriate parent/guardian.


Our volunteers are recruited primarily because of their love of kids and competency to minister to them. We want your children to experience the best we have to offer! Each volunteer is vetted with references and government background checks. They yearly review our church’s Child Protection Policy. 


Following check-in procedures and playtime, children gather for lessons designed to teach all sorts of children in multiple ways. All kids initially meet together as they learn what it means to worship God through music and prayer, followed by quick story and/or video to introduce the lesson’s topic.  They then split off into with trained volunteers into Primary and Elementary age groups to interact with the Bible and Christian truths. These lessons incorporating games, crafts, singing, discussion, dancing, and other activities designed to make their church experience fun.


During weeks the church celebrates Communion, Our KidZONERS will join the congregation in worship.  We have the option to participate in communion when celebrated in church.  If this is not your preference please share your decision with a teacher, and thoughtful accommodations will be made.

Pick Up

At the end of the service, children are dismissed once their parents return and sign them out.


Being a follower of Jesus Christ does not end on Sunday Morning!  Throughout the year we have several events designed to foster authentic community within the church, create wonderful memories for children, and give parents a chance to connect with one another.  Some of our favorites include the Easter Egg Hunt, Trunk or Treat, and the Nativity Play.  We also provide special events for just parents so we might better encourage and support them.  These events range in purpose, some provide an opportunity for parents to voice their concerns and hope or offer ideas, while others are centered on education and training, so that our parents might be better equipped  for their God-given duty of spiritually raising their children.  

Special Notes

Allergies/Special Needs

Please notify the KIDzone leaders of any allergies that your child may have. Occasionally snacks are made available for children. Additionally, please let us know of any special needs or special requirements you have for your child. We will do our best to serve your child according to your requests. 


Children ages 18 months through 3 years old are served snacks and juice boxes each week provided by the KIDzone. Snacks are simple and include animal crackers, fish crackers or graham crackers. 


In the event of an emergency while your child is in the KIDzone, a volunteer will notify our staff who will be sure to contact you so you can attend to your child's needs. 


Please mark all of your child's belonging with your child's name, including the diaper bag, toys and cups. Please include extra diapers, a change of clothing, a non-spill drink container and a favorite blanket or toy if your child is attached to one. 

Diaper Changing

Our staff will be sure that children are changed as changing is needed. If you have any special concerns regarding changing, please let our staff know when you drop your child off. 

Wellness Policy

We ask that parents only bring their children to the KIDzone if their children are healthy and without colds or other contagious illnesses in an effort to protect the other children from contacting the illness. 

Restroom Policy

We ask all parents to have their children use the restrooms before signing them in to the KIDzone. Due to the design of our facility, it's important that children are reminded each week in order to prevent distractions within the KIDzone as well as within the sanctuary. Restrooms are located toward the rear of the sanctuary.


All volunteers/staff have been screened by our pastoral staff. All have filled out appropriate applications and have had background checks done to be sure that your child will receive the most safe, secure environment we can possibly provide. The KIDzone nursery is staffed by a preschool professional who has been with CCC since 2002 and is present in the nursery for most services.