KidZONE Children's ministry

The KidZONE is our ministry for children from birth through grade five. 

It's a fun place for kids to learn about God, discover how much He loves them and learn to walk daily in relationship with Him. 

The KidZONE is identical at all of CCC's services. 

Our Values

Safety: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

Loving, Nurturing Environment

Fun, Child Targeted

Nursery (Ages 0 - 3)

Drop your little ones off at the KidZONE nursery, located at the front of the church, just to the right of the main lobby.  Our KidZONE nursery staff will provide excellent care for your infants/toddlers while you are in the adult service.  Children will hear a Bible story, color a picture and play with others, all while being encouraged and loved by our experienced and screened KidZONE team.  Don't worry - if your child needs you, we will come and find you to be sure their needs are being met.

Primary (Age 4 - 2nd Grade) & Elementary (Grade 3 - 5)

Check IN

Check in your child, ages 4 through grade 5 in at the Sand Lot room, which is located just to the left of the lobby entrance.  All children will create a name tag to attach to their clothing for identification purposes. Parents of children ages 4-second grade will also be given a numbered bracelet to wear and return for checkout at the end of class.  This bracelet is one of the ways Christ Community Church helps to identify our younger kiddos and keep them safe


Following check-in procedures, we join the congregation in the sanctuary to share in Worship for a song or two.  Primary and Elementary children all meet in the same room to share the teachings of God's word through:  learning how to use the Bible, Bible stories, videos, and the truths of the Bible,  while incorporating games and activities along the way to make it FUN.  Portions of this teaching will involve the whole group, however we separate into age appropriate groups to talk about the lesson, and how it relates to their lives.

Our KidZONERS have the option to participate in communion when celebrated in church.  If this is not your preference please share your decision with a teacher, and thoughtful accommodations will be made.

Pick UP

At the end of the service, parents pick up their Primary aged children through the  white door to the right in the lobby.  Parents of the kids 8 through Grade 5 should arrange to meet their children either in the classroom or in the church lobby.  Elementary kids are dismissed at the end of the adult service, while the Primary and Nursery children must await their parents return.

Information for parents

Allergies/Special Needs
Please notify the KidZONE leaders of any allergies that your child may have. Occasionally snacks are made available for children. Additionally, please let us know of any special needs or special requirements you have for your child. We will do our best to serve your child according to your requests. 

Children ages 18 months through 3 years old are served snacks and juice boxes each week provided by the KidZONE. Snacks are simple and include animal crackers, fish crackers or graham crackers. 

In the event of an emergency while your child is in the KidZONE, a volunteer will notify our staff who will be sure to contact you so you can attend to your child's needs. 

Please mark all of your child's belonging with your child's name, including the diaper bag, toys and cups. Please include extra diapers, a change of clothing, a non-spill drink container and a favorite blanket or toy if your child is attached to one. 

Diaper Changing
Our staff will be sure that children are changed as changing is needed. If you have any special concerns regarding changing, please let our staff know when you drop your child off. 

Wellness Policy
We ask that parents only bring their children to the KidZONE if their children are healthy and without colds or other contagious illnesses in an effort to protect the other children from contacting the illness. 

Restroom Policy
We ask all parents to have their children use the restrooms before signing them in to the KidZONE. Due to the design of our facility, it's important that children are reminded each week in order to prevent distractions within the KidZONE as well as within the sanctuary. Restrooms are located toward the rear of the sanctuary.

All volunteers/staff have been screened by our pastoral staff. All have filled out appropriate applications and have had background checks done to be sure that your child will receive the most safe, secure environment we can possibly provide. The KidZONE nursery is staffed by a preschool professional who has been with CCC since 2002 and is present in the nursery for most services. 

Ages 4-11: Carol Bleakley

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