Monday Small group

Led By Carol Tenelle & Ron Yarnall

"The Book Of Hebrews"

6:30pm - Zoom

Mixed Audience

      Tuesday Small Group

Led by Carl & Maureen Edmond


Author: David Platt

6:30pm - Zoom

Mixed Audience

   Wednesday SMall Group

Led by Ele & Dan Siegrist

"Finding Identity & Purpose"

The Gospel Of John

6:30pm - Zoom

Mixed Audience

Led by Riley Rath

Sharing Your Life

5:00pm-6:30pm - Zoom

Young Adults

During quarantine, the college/young adults will be having small group between 5 PM and 6:30 PM on Wednesday nights via zoom. Ages 18-22ish. We will be sharing our weeks have gone and exploring scripture together and praying for one another.

  Thursday SMall Groups

Led by Alice Tolentino

"Paul A Man Of Grace & Grit"

Author: Charles R Swindoll

6:30pm - Zoom

Women's Group

Led by Diane Rodgers

"The Book Of Job"

10:00am - Zoom

Women's Group

Led by Patty Quimpo

"Invisible War"

Author: Chip Ingram

6:30pm - Zoom

Mixed Audience

       Friday Small Group

Led by Saralyn & Andrew Frohreich

"Vertical Marriage"

Author: Family Life

6:30pm - Zoom

Couples & Blended Families

Led by Norm Rigoli & Tim Farnsworth

"Recovery Steps"

Recovery from dependencies

6:30pm - Zoom

Mixed Audience