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         bagels and bibles

CCC's youth group is open to all students in grades 6-12. 

Bagels & Bibles

Youth group meets on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month in the Sandlot Primary Room at 9 am. We'll provide bagels, cream cheese, and other occasional treats, play games, and have a great discussion about Biblical topics relevant to young adults. Bring your Bible and come hang out for an hour during the first service.  


Sunday, 4/7 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: Good Story, Easter)

Sunday, 4/21 - No Bagels & Bibles - Easter Sunday


Sunday, 5/5 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: More than a Hashtag)

Sunday, 5/19 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: More than a Hashtag)


Sunday, 6/2 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: More than a Hashtag)

Sunday, 6/16 - Bagels & Bibles & Summer Party - Leader Testimony: Matt Edmond

July & August - Summer Break, No Bagels & Bibles


Sunday, 9/22 - Bagels & Bibles Kickoff Party


Sunday, 10/6 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: Meant to Be)

Sunday, 10/20 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: Meant to Be)


Sunday, 11/3 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: Meant to Be)

Sunday, 11/117 - Bagels & Bibles (Series: Meant to Be)


Sunday, 12/1 - Bagels & Bibles Christmas Party - Leader Testimony: TBD


Throughout the year, a variety of activities are planned for our teens including summer bonfires, laser tag, Sky High jumping, Magic Mountain, etc. The goal of these activities is to have fun and get connected with each other, as well as provide opportunities to invite friends!

Check out your weekly Church news email, bulletin, or our facebook page to more info on upcoming activities!

      winter & summer camp

As a youth group, we like to head to a weekend or week-long mountain retreat for a fun time of games, worship, and teaching. Depending on interest, we attend both winter and summer youth camps. If your teen is interested in attending camp, let our leadership know!