Pray without ceasing

Join us in praying for each of the prayer needs listed below. We are a church of prayer. If we persistently pray without ceasing bringing our requests, praises, worries and needs before the throne of God, He will answer!

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Prayer and Praise list


Please pray for my father who has Alzheimer's and is having a rapid decline is mental and physical well being. It's very hard on him as he tries to function but is unable to grasp what's happening to himself. Please include me as well, I'm finding it very hard to see him struggle as I love him very much. Thank u all for your prayers in advance 🙏🏼✝️


Please pray for my mom , Phyllis who is in the hospital with an infection. She is also having heart issues and they put her on oxygen in the middle of the night. Pray for healing.


Dear Pastor Please agree with me in prayer for healing of stage 4 cancer, knee injury and hip injury and spinal cord injury I'm overwhelmed with everything going on right now I'm praying for my landlord he's involved in the occult witchcraft drug distribution human trafficing and other illegal activities ( Jose) and for my living situation my neighbors - they are involved in the occult witchcraft drug distribution human trafficing and I ALREADY have reported ALL the activities I witnessed but nothing happened nothing changed. I'm overwhelmed with the situation. Please agree with me in prayer for change. God is a God of Justice. my prayer is for and HEALING.PEACE and JUSTICE 💞 We need JUSTICE and HEALING and for peace in Jesus name Thank you for your prayers God bless you💗 Elizabeth Johnson


Please pray for Tracy’s dad and Zac and Ashley’s grandpa, Bob, who is at the hospital for tests. He has a fever and abdominal pain, and cold symptoms. Pray for healing and encouragement, and for his children, who cannot go to the hospital with him. Thank you, Lord, that he knows You.


Please pray for LInda's sister who is undergoing tests to determine if she has cancer. Pray for comfort and peace for her and the family.

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